In the last press confrence at the old Yankee stadium the Yankees introduced there two newest big name pick ups C.C. Sabathia and A.J. Burnett. The press confrence lasted all about 20 minutes and had the usual press confrence things, Introductions, uniform presentations and Q and A’s with the Yanks new lefty- righty 1-2 punch. The press confrence  also had a nice presentation of a buquet of flowers for Sabathia and Burnett’s wives, Presented by Joe Giaradis daughter, Sasha.

Everyone is talking about C.C. and what he is gonna do but that is not what todays entry is about. Todays entry is about the real stud the Yankees just introduced today and that is A.J. Burnett. Get ready for 5 years of a Roy Halladay esq. pitcher in pinstripes and a proven Red Sox assasin.

At the press confrence today Burnett just exuded that quite confidence that you love to see in your starter. He was honest, admiting that he would be lying if money wasnt a factor in his decision but also noted this is where he wanted to be. He was direct and to the point, Including telling veteran broadcaster Warner Wolf to keep his comments about Burnett’s DL stints to himself. he explained how he planed to stay healthy, How this year he turned the corner and became a complete pitcher, no longer just a thrower. He credited Doc Halladay for showing him a thing or too on how to pitch with the amazing stuff that his right arm posesses. He mentioned on how excited he was to take the number 2 spot behind C.C. every fith day and pitch intill hes ready to hand the ball over to Mariano Rivera.

But the best part of it all was when A.J. stood before all of the New York media and proclaimed ” I wanted to be somewhere where I was gonna pitch on a big stage, I wanted the big stage” A.J also told the YES networks Kimberly Jones he thinks this Yanks team “Can throw up 6 or 5 rings like M.J” on the Mike Francesa show A.J. said that the bigger the stage the better he was. And who is gonna argue with him?? all you have to do is look at any of his starts versus the Yankees from a year ago the man loves the big stage. So much so that in my eyes he stole in from C.C. today and showed us all hes gonna be exactly what he says…


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Joseph Green


The New York Daily News Reported today that The Yankees were about to “go hard” after Manny Ramierez and could possibly be willing to sign Manny to a 3 year deal worth upwards of $75 Million.

I am all for the possibility of signing the games most unpredictable and clutch hitter, No matter what it is you think of the guy the guy can just flat out rake. In yesterdays entry I mentioned on how if the Yankees were not to go after either Manny or Mark Texiera they need to strongly consider Re-signing Jason Giambi as there fall back big bat option and protection for A-Rod in a lineup that as of today would be gaining Alex quite a few Barry Bonds or Intentional base on balls. Now Iam and always will be the BIGGEST Giambi fan in the world and would love for nothing more than for him to somehow find his way back to the bronx, However the idea of a A-rod – Manny 3, 4 combo is just flat out rediculious look at what Manny did for David Ortiz in Boston. He made Ortiz, He made Ortiz a powerhouse after Minnesota cut Ortiz  and Boston got him for nothing and did anyone happen to notice what happened to Big Papi once MAN-RAM left town???

A-Rod is the single greatest pure talent in the game today, wit Albert Puljois and Josh Hamilton nipping at his heels in just raw talent, Imagine the numbers he would throw up with the best right handed hitter in a generation batting behind him and a motivated one at that, You think manyy wont love to stick it to Terry Francona, Theo Epstein and the whole nation 19 times a year, Adding the offensive fire power for what is shapeing up on paper as the best pitching staff in baseball starters and the pen…And as if it needed anymore drama how much fun would that first trip to Boston be with Manny in left and Johnny Damon in center??? The catalyst to the 04 idiot curse breakers wearing pinstripes????…OOOO I can only hope to have that pleasure come April…


The Yankees are set to Introduce there new Ace’s tomorrow at 1p.m. in what very well may be the last press confrence ever at the Stadium.


Andy Pettite needs to make a decision soon, I want him back bad but the longer he takes the more the possibility of the Yanks turning to Ben Sheets or 1 of the 3 youngsters Ian Kennedy, Phil Huhges and Alfreado Acveces…


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With the loss of Jason Giambi (06 Numbers- .247, 32, 96) and Bobby Abreu (06 Numbers- .296, 20, 100) the yankees are looking at trying to replace 52 home runs and 196 RBI’s with the likes of Nick Swisher (06 Numbers- .219, 24, 69) and Xavier Nady (06 Numbers- .305, 25, 97)… Now Nady has better numbers then Abreu did a year ago (Though not by much), But trust me Nady had a CARRER year and spent more than half of that season in the NL playing in Pittsburgh in the very weak NL Central. And I do not believe that Nady who’s Career averages are .280, 17, 63 will be able to put up his numbers from a year ago in the uber competive AL East. Even after the recent pick- ups of C.C. Sabathia and A.J Burnett to revamp the pitching staff that already features Chien-Ming Wang and Joba Chamberlin, I for one do not feel comfortable entering the season in the AL east with the Red Sox and AL Champion Tampa Bay Rays with a lineup that stacks up like this:

1. J. Damon- LF

2. D. Jeter- SS

3. R. Cano- 2B

4. A. Rod- 3B

5. J. Posada- C

6. H. Matsui- DH

7. X. Nady- RF

8. N. Swisher- 1B

9. M. Cabrera/B. Gardner- CF

Granted there have been multiple reports that a deal with the Brewers is in the works to acquire Mike Cameron for Cabrera, However Kei Igawa and Bill Hall may have to be involved in the deal and that may slow up the process and serve as roadblocks in its complition. My solution is this… Swisher has played more games in center over the course of his career then he has at first, And would serve as an offensive upgrade over both Cabrera and Gardner and would only have to keep center warm for a year for blue chip stud Austin Jackson who the Yanks say will be ready by opening day 2010. As for first ???… The Giambino. Giambi is looking at taking a 1 or 2 year deal from both the Rays and the A’s and will be at a bargin rate. In his 7 years maning first and Dh duties for the Bombers Giambi has hit 30+ home runs 5 times and 40 or more twice as well as slugging 100 RBI’s 4 times, And in 06 served as the Yankees catalyst while A-Rod was busy pulling his choke act, As well as winning the inagural Comeback Player of The Year Award in 05, Clubing 25 homers in the second half. He’s a great clubhouse guy and a fan favorite and the Yankees after spending $243.5 million on pitching and another $364 million on the left side of the infield on the games two biggest stars and billion’s more on a state of the art ball park can not afford to run out below avarage ballplayers in the place of All-stars…


And it could all be for not if Manny or Texiera decide 161st st and River Avenue will be there new address come April… But if not Giambi is and has been for the last 7 years the perfict fit in Pinstripes…


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Joseph Green